Our Founders

Russail McGee

I am Russail McGee, the mother of four children, an independent travel agent, CEO and Co-Founder of The Bold & Classy Travel and Events.  I am an individual that is determined to bring everything I touch to life. My vision for every client is to give them the red-carpet service they deserve, while paying attention to the smallest of details. I have been in the event planning field for over 20 years. The passion for planning started when I was very young, and it has blossomed tremendously over the years, as it was carefully nurtured and cultivated by all who saw that I had the gift for planning. I was always helping my mother with events for church and other social gatherings, that’s when the cultivation began.  I was appointed to my first major key role of Youth Department President at Saints Memorial Church where I was overseeing the youth. I oversaw the planning and execution of programs, trips, holiday plays, fundraising and more. These were the stepping blocks into what would later become my future. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the years, I have planned, executed, and hosted many birthdays, weddings, renewals, and private parties in Southern and Northern California. 


I am currently using my talents in my current role doing some of what I love as Resident Program Coordinator.  I have been organizing trips, events, programs and outings for over 80 residents per month. I have taken my expertise and training to work and I am providing quality programming that improves the lives of our senior living community. This has added a different dynamic to what I first envisioned for my career.  Over the last few years I have loved my job, but still felt as if I was not fulfilling my dream. I am a natural born traveler and love to plan travel for others. Throughout the years I have planned and curated many vacations and trips that have taken place all over the world, from Hawaii to India, trips for 2 people, to planning a family reunion for 125. While continually paying close attention to detail and making sure to give my clients the top-notch service they deserve.  This is what makes me stand out above the rest, “I go that extra mile!” It’s as if travel and event planning are a part of my DNA, so I decided it is time to take the final leap of faith and walk into my destiny. I was taught as a little girl that FAITH is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So, here I am launching the business I’ve prayed for, knowing that I‘m building it on a firm foundation, and by keeping my faith in my sight, I will stay successful. Someone once told me, “The key to unlocking your potential and life's dreams is hidden inside of you!”  I decided to take that key, my knowledge, expertise, faith, enthusiasm of event planning, and love for travel to a level that will be recognized all over the world! I hope it will cause people to say, "Have you heard of The Bold & Classy Travel and Events” ? They not only ensure you have a great time, but they leave you with an EXPERIENCE that last a lifetime.


Melanie Winfield

CEO and Co-Founder Melanie Winfield, is a dedicated professional focused on achieving her client's goals, while providing excellent, one of a kind personalized service. Knowing she was meant to one day be a business owner, and wanting to aid her future as much as possible, Melanie earned both a Bachelor and Master degree in Business Management. Equipped with her successful academic background, and driven by her passions for self improvement, organizing, leisure, and helping others, she has established an unmatched reputation for not only diligently planning and hosting events, but also being a skilled travel agent who keeps her client's happiness at the top of her list. 

Prior to gaining these attributes, Melanie worked as an Education Program Manager in the corporate healthcare industry for 16 years. During this time, she developed countless skills that are now a huge part of the successes she continues to accomplish for herself, and most importantly, her clients. To name a few, these skills include managing medical education training programs, arranging both national & international travel accommodations, and planning events related to wellness, employee retreats, annual holiday parties, and graduation and awards ceremonies. 

Now serving as an Independent Travel Agent in her own company, The Bold & Classy Travel and Events, she incorporates her past professional experience with an enthusiastic, patient and charismatic personality to bring perfection to each and every job. A highly knowledgeable agent, working in a full service travel and event company, Melanie goes above and beyond in meeting the wants and needs of everyone who comes to see her. Whether they are looking to plan an event or trip, be it for business or pleasure, she always combines class with a high quality commitment to helping others. In doing so, Melanie is able to relieve client's stress by customizing their options and ensuring that they not only save money, but above it all, get the optimal, professional results they have always dreamed of.